Rafiki on Tour Backpack Packing List

We are extreme outdoor lovers. It’s as simple as that. Being both overlanders and outdoor geeks at heart, we like to combine both during our travels. That’s why we have two aluminum Zarges boxes on our roof rack filled with everything we need in case of a wonderful trekking through nature. We have the usual, like hiking shoes, active wear and a daypack, but also gear for multiple-day hikes such as backpacks, cooking gear and nifty camping stuff that makes life easier while going off-grid.

To make things as easy (and fun!) for you as they are for us, we compiled a list of things that we always take with us while trekking with our backpacks. We will tell you all about it on this page and if you want to take a closer look, feel free to download the complete list!


Rafiki on Tour backpack packing list

What’s on the list

The Rafiki on Tour Backpack Packing list contains every item we bring on our backpacking adventures. It has everything from tents to inflatable pillows, from satellite communicators to food.

The list is divided into seven categories to make it easily scannable and user-friendly. Learn from our mistakes and experiences and don’t spend precious hours walking back, or trying to survive freezing temperatures on the side of a glacier hoping you’ll make it till the morning.

Main categories on the Backpack Packing List

  • Camping
  • Self-care
  • Clothes
  • Gear
  • Cooking
  • Food
  • Administrative

    How does it work?

    The list, which you can download in both PDF and Excel-format, is ready for you to use. If you want, you can print the PDF right away. Here we included a check-off column so that you know you’re ready in the blink of an eye.

    The Excel-format is there for you if you want to take a closer look first, possibly adding or removing products off the list, before you start packing. Thanks to the Excel-format you will be able to tweak the list to your needs! Finally a packing-list that you will really use, instead of downloading a beautiful PDF just for reference sake. Let’s start packing and take off!

    Download the Backpack Packing List

    Download the Rafiki on Tour Backpack Packing list now! Your list in Excel and PDF is ready to download right after you order it for free.


    Rafiki on Tour backpack packing list