It Rocks e-book (ENG)

From 24-year old full-time entrepreneur to full-time overlander

It’s not just a travel story. It’s a book about my first overland experiences in Europe, en route to Africa. In It Rocks you can read everything about our trip. From experiences to failures and f*ck-ups. I’ll take you back to July ’22, when I turned my life around. I quit my own business to travel the world (Africa, to be precise) with someone I met two months earlier. During those first five weeks of our trip, I discover the overlanding lifestyle. I get to know Rafiki, our Land Rover Defender, and I get to know Tobias, my travel companion. Every day I step out of my comfort zone, again and again. It Rocks is the whole story about this adventure, on our way to Africa!


Expected release: July 1, 2023

This is a pre-order. Expected release date: Summer 2023

It Rocks - hét boek waarin je meekijkt in het leven van Manon Verijdt tijdens haar eerste overland-reiservaring in Europa. Op weg naar Afrika!

What can you expect?

  • 42 chapters, every day a new adventure
  • 275 pages filled with compelling stories
  • More than 100 pictures taken by Tobias during our European adventure
  • Amazing illustrations from beautiful locations in France, Spain and Portugal
  • The e-book as a pdf: 19 Mb

Besides all of the above, taboos from the travel world will be discussed in a fun and easy way. Can you imagine that I went to the toilet in the wild for the first time in my life, or that I got my period while wild camping? Oh, and I didn’t even mention the fact that I was sharing my life 24/7 with someone I had only known for 2 months. I guess this is the ultimate definition of being pulled from your comfort zone. So take your chance to read about it before you find yourself in the wilderness experiencing all of this without any prior knowledge!

Read along

“I realized last week that our wild camping spots make me happy. Surprisingly, the forests where we camp also provide the best toilets. It may sound strange, but since our stool broke, I’ve let my creativity run wild in terms of comfortable positions and easy ways to pee and poop. What seems? It works well for me to sit on the edge of a rock to pee, but if I have to do more than that (read: poop), it is more convenient to have two rocks with a space between them. Sometimes you can push yourself up, but if you’re lucky you’ll even get the chance to recreate the idea of ​​a toilet seat left and right. The ideal situation: a rock overgrown with moss. Almost indistinguishable from a real toilet.”

My story

I have never been this open about anything that happened in my life. When I stepped into the life of becoming a full-time traveler, every moment of my day became memorable. It wasn’t super special all the time, but it dawned on me that I had no clue what I was doing, even though I said ‘Yes!’ to this adventure. That’s what made it special. Sitting in that Land Rover Defender named Rafiki, I knew I had chosen the life I had longed for so long. Fear couldn’t stop me this time.

During those first five weeks in Europe, I learned more than I had the entire year before the trip. Overlanding – or full-time travel – is a unique way of living. You give up a piece of comfort to experience the adventure to the fullest. Sleeping in a tent, going to the toilet in the wild, and challenging yourself daily is not an ideal lifestyle for everyone. I think it is fantastic that I can now share my stories with you – including all the mind-boggling experiences I had – in this book. All that is left for me to say now is: enjoy reading!

Love, Manon

What others say about It Rocks

It is very nice to read about the adventures of Manon (and Tobias). You get to take a look behind the scenes of their lives and adventures on the road. I am a true ‘camper’ myself, yet we don’t camp in the wild very often. Traveling can happen in so many ways and seeing how they find water, food, a place to sleep or a toilet in the wild is fun and entertaining to read – Jacqueline v. K.

It Rocks is a travel story full of humor and information. The chapters are relatively short and easy to read, but go in-depth and contain heaps of information. You experience the story as if you are there yourself as Manon describes everything visually. You are basically drawn into the story, making it fun to read for travelers and non-travelers. Even for people who don’t read much or fast. – Sanne d. H.

Wow, what an amazing book. I read it in two evenings. It is a very purely written book, straight from the heart.

Once I started reading, I got curious about how the adventure would evolve. I think it is extremely special that Manon writes about the basic things such as finding a toilet, to inspire others.

Reading about the growth of the relationship between Manon and Tobias is also amazing. The photos and illustrations are wonderful and I can’t wait for the next book to launch. Marian V.

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Expected release: July 1, 2023