Overland experience

Ever since buying the Defender in 2015, Rafiki on Tour has been exploring unknown countries and remote areas. We love overland adventure and like to push boundaries.

We go off-the-beaten-track, camp in the wild whenever we can and we are not afraid to put on our hiking boots! Outdoor living is what it’s all about.

During the past 7+ years we’ve undertaken countless holiday- and weekend trips and we have embarked on three major expeditions across Europe and Africa, which we have highlighted below!

2017 Europe expedition

In 2017 Tobias and Sven set off on a trip across Central-, South- and Eastern Europe. We had known each other relatively short and we met just five times before we left home. During this expedition, we visited everything: from the touristic highlights of Italy to the unknown and long-forgotten bunkers of Albania. It was an expedition full of offroad adventures and hikes. This trip definitely was the stepping stone for future trips as it ignited our adventurous flame.

Date: April till December 2017

Duration: 8,5 months

Distance covered: 31.000+ km

Countries visited: 26 countries

Rafiki on Tour 2017 Europe roadtrip

2020/21 Europe expedition

This expedition was initially about exploring South-America and although that plan didn’t come to fruition due to the pandemic, we (Tobias and Sven) decided to explore more of Europe a few months later. We traveled to the most northern and most southern point of continental Europe and took on the most daunting off-road tracks to date. This trip definitely was about offroad driving, hiking and dealing with lockdowns. A trip that further shaped Rafiki on Tour into becoming an inspiration for others.

Date: August 2020 till June 2021

Duration: 10,5 months

Distance covered: 36.000+ km

Countries visited: 10 countries

Rafiki on Tour 2020 Europe roadtrip

2022/23 Africa expedition

It was June 2022 when Tobias and Manon met online. Tobias was looking for a travel companion to join him on a new expedition outside of Europe. Manon responded right before the initial departure date and just a few weeks later we set off towards Africa! At first, we imagined traveling for about a year, but soon we realized that this isn’t realistic at all for the trip we had in mind.  Together with the fact that our friendship grew into a relationship, we decided that this will be our lifestyle for the foreseeable future! We are currently driving south and to make the trip financially viable we are working on several projects, amongst Rafiki on Tour of course! It is a massive adventure for sure!

Date:  26 July 2022 – ongoing

Duration: unknown

Distance covered: 28.000 km as of August 4th 2023

Countries visited: 24 as of August 4th 2023

Rafiki on Tour 2022/23 Africa roadtrip in progress

Countries explored by Rafiki on Tour

Overlanding experience

Let every trip count! It doesn’t matter if you venture out for a weekend or a year, it’s the adventure that counts! Life is about the happy days on the road and in the wild, not about the boring days at the office. Work towards your dreams and make them a reality!



Major expeditions