Rafiki on Tour Spare Parts List

The Rafiki on Tour spare parts list contains most of the spare items we carry on our international overland trips. With this comprehensive list we are comfortable on the road and confident that we can fix most problems.

The list below is compiled after years of experience traveling internationally with our Defender. We carry the stuff below because we love overlanding, fix the car ourselves and do our own maintenance. The list is somewhat up-to-date for our African 2022 adventure!

Let’s first dive into the tools we carry and then get you the Spare Parts List for free.


Rafiki on Tour spare parts list for a Defender 110 300tdi

Tools for the DIY mechanic

Below are some of the tools we carry. If you outsource all maintenance and repairs, a small toolkit will do just fine. We do everything ourselves, which is why we carry some extra tools.

We think it’s important to have basic knowledge of your vehicle. That way you are prepared and can fix minor issues when they arrise in the field. This could prove invaluable once you are in a remote area without cell service.

  • Comprehensive general toolkit
  • Vehicle specific tools (spanners, sockets, etc.)
  • Wheel nut wrench
  • Wheel nut key – in case of unique locking nuts
  • Wheel bearing socket (vehicle specific)
  • Fan spanner (vehicle specific)
  • Ball-joint puller/separator
  • Valve feeler gauge
  • Tire repair kit
  • Tire pressure gauge
  • Thermometer infrared
  • Helicoil set
  • Screw extractor
  • C-clip pliers (for UJ removal)
  • Bottle jack
  • Grease gun
  • Oil/liquid pump for filling up differentials, gearbox and transferbox (cheap, expensive or use special bottles with a squeeze function)
  • Funnel
  • Siphon hose
  • Plastic sheet
  • Work clothing
  • Compressor (onboard 12V)

What’s on the list

The Rafiki on Tour Spare Parts list contains every item we carry on our international overland trips. We have divided it into Maintenance Parts and Spare Parts, and have made a distinction between essential non-essential items.

Our Land Rover Rafiki is a Land Rover Defender 110 from 2000. It has a 300tdi engine, but TD5 axles, chassis and body. The list is compiled for this. Some parts we deem necessary, others have just accumulated over the years. We do carry a bit too much stuff, but some of it we carry due to specific problems we’ve encountered in the past.

    How does it work?

    The list, which you can download in both PDF and Excel-format, is ready for you to use. If you want, you can print the PDF right away. The Excel-format is there for you if you want to take a closer look first, possibly adding or removing parts off the list, before you start packing. Thanks to the Excel-format you will be able to tweak the list to your needs! Finally a list that you will really use, instead of downloading a beautiful PDF just for reference sake. Let’s start packing and take off!

    Download the Spare Parts List

    Download the Rafiki on Tour Spare Parts list now! Your list in Excel and PDF is ready to download right after you order it for free.


    Rafiki on Tour spare parts list for a Defender 110 300tdi